Friday, August 9, 2013

Who Wants to Join Me?

I am putting together a river trip down the Grand Canyon for late summer 2014 or spring 2015.

It is open to women artists and naturalists - both defined widely.

Grand Canyon - August, 2012, photo by Michael Miles
Basically I am looking for women who reach deep into their lives, challenging themselves to grow more compassionate and whole. Women who would find solace in a break from the rim-world, and love the buzz that comes from self expression and autonomy.

Bold. Honest women who don't mind big waves, sandy clothes, heat and cold and everything in between. I hope to put together the crew that I was with in 2012. (See Carl Sagen and Joseph Campbell meet Mandela in the Canyon).

Think breathtaking scenery, awe inspiring geology, mind bending conversations, and moments so grounding it will change your perspective of the world.

If you think you are up for this, email me with your name, reason for wanting to go, and mailing address.  I will have info sent your way.

Expect the trip of a lifetime. Also, expect to pay a few grand. The price is not yet set.

For a taste of the adventure - watch Mandela take on Lava Falls during our river trip in 2012.

-Naseem Rakha 8/9/13