Thursday, January 8, 2015

To the Fascists who Kill in the Name of their Prophet

My muslim friends and family, I am sorry your religion has been hijacked by fascist groups of frightened and ignorant fools who have traded reason for fear and hate, and who kill those who dare question or mock Mohammed, the great and powerful, and who refuse to see how their violent actions do more to subvert the Prophet and his words than any combination of journalists and artists and writers combined. My Christian and Jewish friends and family, my Buddhist friends, my Hindu and Zoroaster friends. Wiccan, Jain, believers of all stripes. Non believers. Reach out to your Muslim neighbors. They are just as mournful over the casualties of this senseless war, as everyone else.

The slayers of faith clothe themselves in fear and lies.

Naseem Rakha - January, 7, 2015