Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Everything of Everything

Me at the top of Abiqua Falls in 1994, in the midst of a battle to save the surrounding trees from being clear cut

It is my fifty-fifth birthday today. And for my fifty-fifth birthday, I plan to hike to the  base of Abiqua Falls. I plan to stand naked in its spray—I plan to pray.

And on this day, I will pray to find the strength I have been lacking. The focus. The patience.

Prayer, for me, is an honest reflection on the discrepancy between who I am, and who I believe I can be. It is the open acceptance of both my power, and powerlessness. It is gratefulness, expressed to no one but myself. It is the reminder to show that gratefulness in all my actions, everyday to everyone.

To live my gratefulness for the everything within every-single-thing.

-Naseem Rakha - November 19, 2014