Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cougar Crossing

I did wonder, as I stood out alone at 5:30 in the morning, taking a picture of this unique sign, if I was being all that smart.  Or, more likely, being outsmarted.....Off to hike down to the canyon. Last post till Tuesday night (if I have the strength....)

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  1. Interesting. I don't recall seeing this sign when I was at the canyon, but I did attend a ranger presentation on cougars and was surprised to learn that radio collar tracking of the cougars showed they passed through Grand Canyon Village with some regularity, yet there was never a reliable sighting of them. The ranger said in reviewing the tracking data, she believed there were several times when a cougar could probably see her, but she never saw the cougar. They seem to be very wary of people, which is probably a very good thing for both them and us.

    Have a safe hike in the canyon! I look forward to your essays on your experience down there.