Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting into a Groove

Daily schedule—Wake around 5 am. Make coffee. Stretch. Draw for 10 minutes. Check email. Get dressed, get outside for a walk. Sunrise at around 7 am. Be out there for it. Fill water bottle with spring water. Come back take shower. Work until 11. Have breakfast. Work until three. Stretch or dance or get outside and watch ravens—anything. Then, back to work. Keep at it until 5:30. Go for a walk. Come back. Eat. Go to El Tovar. Have a glass of wine. Work until 9. Come back. Check email. Perhaps blog. Get to bed by midnight. This has to change - this last part. Tonight I am aiming for 11 PM.

Also, tomorrow I want to go for a hike so I won't be back in my room until maybe 10am or even 11. So there will be that to add to the schedule.

And tonight? While walking home from the bar? There were more stars than sky.....

-Naseem Rakha 2/6/13

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