Monday, April 22, 2013

Outside Magazine - Kaitlin Kenney

Even while napping, Kaitlin was smiling.
Picture from Wild Rockies Field Institute
Outside Magazine, the "Live Bravely" publication, has just uploaded an article about Kaitlin Kenney entitled Lost in the Grand Canyon.

Which proves one thing to me: Kaitlin is still alive in the hearts of thousands of people who have read and shared her story, contacted her parents, attended her memorials, or simply sat in quiet contemplation of what it means to live a life well. In the moment, with a big, genuine, and generous heart.

Many of these people are like me - individuals who never had the honor to meet Kaitlin, but are still touched and inspired by the young woman who set off to spend a winter month in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. A musician, a conservationist, a backpacker and dancer. An inspiration to friends and family. Her life and untimely death speaks to that part of us that knows life is short, and should be grabbed with both hands and embraced. The raw and pure human urge to seek splender and wonder and beauty and knows we spend too much time clutching a steering wheel, or locked in a line, or embedded in some TV show not seeing, not feeling, not loving or even being.

Kaitlin, the memory of her, the song of her, the light of her—is alive. I read it in letters from people thanking me for writing about her. She has helped these people, so many of them strangers to her, re-think, re-evaluate, re-invent.

Kaitlin lived bravely—and inspires us all to do the same.

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